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Last Updated : 2005-03-10 12:04:05 (14457 read)
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How to receive the Green Certificate?

If your vacation property satisfies the Green Certificate regulation and criteria , and you would like it to be inspected, please send an application letter to Association 'Lauku ceļotājs'':

  • by mail: Kuģu iela 11, Rīga LV-1048,
  • fax: +371 7830041 or
  • e-mail:

Following the application letter, the Green Certificate inspector will visit the vacation property and complete the evaluation form according to the certification criteria. The data will be delivered to the National Ecolabelling Commission and in case of approval the owner will receive the Green Certificate for the period of 18 months. After expiry date, the vacation property shall undergo a repeated ecolabelling procedure. The Green Certificate can be cancelled if the inspection finds failure to comply with the Green Certificate Regulation or if the owner fails to attend to the ecolabelling requirements and conditions in due time as set by the Commission.


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