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Green Certificate project partners

Latvian Country Tourism Association 'Lauku ceļotājs'

EC LIFE Program

Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Latvia

Latvian Environment Protection Fund

International organizations of sustainable rural tourism

EUROGITES - European Federation of Farm and Village Tourism

ECOTRANS - European Network of Sustainable Tourism Development

ECEAT - European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism

VISIT - European initiative for promotion of eco-labels and sustainable tourism development

Tourbench - European Monitor and Benchmarking Initiative for Environmental Impacts and Costs in Tourist Accommodations

International Year of Ecotourism

Rainforest Alliance - The leading international conservation organization

Tourism Site - Information network on the sustainable development of tourism destinations in Europe

ESTECAS - Estonian Ecotourism Association

EAA - Ecotourism Association of Australia

Eco-labels of different countries

European Flower - the EU eco-label

Das Österreichische Umweltzeichen für Tourismusbetriebe - eco-label for accomodation and restaurants in Austria

Blue Flag - international eco-label for beaches and marinas

Green Globe 21 - international eco-label of environmental management in tourism

The Green Tourism Business Scheme - eco-label for tourism establishments in Scotland

Den Groene Noegle - eco-label for accomodation in Denmark, Sweden, Greenland and Estonia

Legambiente Turismo - eco-label for hotels and camping sites in Italy

La Clef Verte - eco-label for camping sites in France

EcoLabel für luxemburger Tourismusbetriebe - eco-label for accomodation in Luxembourg

Nordic Swan - eco-label for hotels in Sweden and Norway

Ekoturism Föreningen - eco-label for tourism products in Sweden

Milieubarometer - eco-label for camping sites, holiday parks and youth hostels in Netherlands

Destination 21 - eco-label for tourist destinations in Denmark

Hiiumaa Green Label - eco-label for accomodation and catering enterprises in Hiiumaa, Estonia

Information about nature protection and environment friendly tourism - Environmental films in Latvia - Information about lakes in Latvia - Information about birds in Latvia - Information about environmental guides in Latvia - Worls Welfare Fund in Latvia - Latvian Nature Encyclopeadia - Information on renewable energy and sustainable use of natural ressources

Protected natural areas in Latvia

Gauja National Park

Ķemeri National Park

Slītere National Park

North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve

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