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During the first 5 months of the year 2003 within the "Green Certificate" project 505 potential rural tourists from Latvia and other countries (Estonia, Germany, USA etc.) were surveyed with the purpose to find out their attitudes to different environmental and service quality aspects in rural tourism. The results of the survey are as follows.

Associations with rural tourism
Both Latvian and foreign respondents mostly associate rural tourism with different activities (68%; 53%), recreation in a vacation cottage separately from the hosts (49%; 58%) and recreation on a farm (43%; 42%). Foreign respondents more than Latvian respondents associate rural tourism with B&B (58%; 33%).

Experience with rural accommodations
Latvian and foreign respondents have experienced rural tourism accommodation in their own countries (83%; 81%), but foreign respondents more than Latvians have used rural tourism services also abroad (46%; 19%).

Trust for booking
Latvian and foreign respondents both think that direct booking with the hosts is the safest way of booking (83%; 59%). Booking through a travel agency (51%; 35%) and through an association or recognized brand (45%; 39%) is also considered as safe.

Regarding the booking through internet, Latvian respondents are more skeptical than foreign ones. If 43% foreigners think that booking through internet is very safe or safe, then only 29% Latvians are the same opinion. 40% Latvian respondents and only 28% foreigners consider booking through internet unsafe or very unsafe.

Relevance of quality rating and quality- and eco-labels
Quality rating is important for approximately 1/3rd of the respondents (33% Latvian and 39% foreign respondents). The situation is similar with the quality- and eco-labels and membership in a professional association that influences 22% Latvian respondents and 34 foreigners by choosing their holiday sites. Important aspect is that the influence of specific quality- and eco-labels, when choosing rural accommodation, is growing with the age and income level of respondents.

The most important quality aspects
The most important quality aspects, by choosing rural tourism accommodations are nice surroundings and location, leisure choice and services and high standard of rooms and equipment. Less important is personal ambience and treat and easy and secure booking process.

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