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On August 20-24, 2003 the "Green Certificate" project expert Sandra Urtāne participated in the 1st International Conference "Dry Toilets 2003", which was held in Tampare, Finland. The conference was organized by the Global Sanitet Club of Finland and the Ecology Information Association in co-operation with Tampare highschools.

The conference participants from 29 countries shared their experience about the use of different types of dry toilets, got acquainted with the latest dry toilet technologies and discussed the safest way of making compost.

Mostly the ecological dry toilets are used in such regions, where there is a luck of drinking water or no possibility to join the centralized sewerage. But the conference participants were the opinion, that a properly equipped and based upon ecological principles dry toilet is o­ne of the indicators for sustainable approach.

During the conference the participants also visited an eco-village, where 7 families manage their private houses with sustainable methods: the houses are built of environmental materials, the families do the waste sorting, save water and as they do not have sewerage, they also use dry toilets (with different technologies in each house) and make the compost.

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