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In March and April, 2004 Latvian Country Tourism Association „Lauku celotajs” organized four environmental training seminars for rural tourism providers to inform them about the current rural tourism issues in Latvia and to promote environmental friendly practice and its advantages. The seminars were organized within the SAPARD programme. Please see the seminar programme here.

During the seminars the tourism consultants Elita Orniņa, Agnese Jakoviča and Līga Zelmene – Laizāne informed the participants about the latest rural tourism statistics and product development concepts as well as presented the “Green Certificate” eco-label.

The environmental specialist Sandra Urtāne talked about the environmental friendly cleaning and washing agents available in Latvia, usage of environmental friendly and healthy construction materials, waste management and explained the process of writing the environmental plan of a rural tourism establishment. Valdis Pilāts from Gauja National Park referred about the protection of biological diversity in rural areas and organization of tourist activities in the nature.

The new training video film featuring the environmental protection activities of four “Green Certificate” demonstration sites was demonstrated during the seminars.

The seminars were attended by 122 persons – rural tourism entrepreneurs already having the eco-label, as well as those willing to start the rural tourism business and obtaining the “Green Certificate”.

Most of the questions asked during the seminars concerned the impact o­n environment and men’s health of different washing and cleaning agents. The seminar participants also discussed actively about the water consumption, waste management problems, creation of nature trails and protection of different biotopes.

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