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The project "Application of the Explanation of Tourism Accommodation Requirements Related to the "European Flower" Eco-certificate in Support of the Green Certificate" has led to updating of the criteria which apply to Latvian tourist facilities which seek to the Green Certificate.
The requirements were updated in consideration of Latvia's specific circumstances and the country's experience in certifying tourism accommodations in the countryside after introducing the Green Certificate requirements in 2002 along with the EC "European Flower" eco-certificate. The project also developed an explanation of methodologies and criteria in evaluating the Green Certificate criteria. The basis of this is a set of explanations of the "European Flower" certificate criteria, which were developed under the auspices of the Leonardo da Vinci "Train to Ecolabel" project. Experts from various countries took part in that process so as to ensure a unified understanding of eco-certification criteria.

The Environment Ministry has established a commission to evaluate Latvian tourism accommodations, and this commission awards eco-certification. New Green Certificate criteria and their application will test the process in practice - inspecting rural tourism accommodations and organising several regional seminars in Latvia. o­n the basis of the Green Certificate criteria, the Latvian Association of Hotels and Restaurants is planning to draft relevant criteria for Latvia's hotels.

    The project received support from the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.

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