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Eco travel Latvia FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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What are the rules to be awarded with the "Green Cerificate"

Currently the "Green Certificate" eco-label can be awarded to country B&B homes, vacation cottages, guesthouses and campings, which meet the requirements of the "Green Certificate" regulation and criteria.

To get your vacation property ecolabelled, you have to deliver an application letter to the Association "Lauku ceļotājs". Following the application letter, an inspector will visit your vacation property and complete an evaluation form according to the certification criteria. The data are delivered to the National Certification Commission and in case of approval, you will have to cover the costs and will receives the "Green Certificate" for 1,5 years. After expiry date, your vacation property shall undergo a repeated ecolabelling procedure.

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We have a country guest house in Balvi district and we would like to do the waste (plastic, glass, paper etc.) sorting, but we do not know whether there is a possibility to utilize the sorted waste in our region. Please advice where!

In Balvi the company "Nhelsen" (tel: 45 21147) has established a sorted waste ground on Tehnikas street 4, where there is the possibility to hand in carton, wastepaper and PET bottles.

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Which in Latvia available soap powders and cleaning agents you can reccommend as the most environment "friendly"?

To harm the environment least we reccommend you to use such cleaning agents, which do not contain (or contain very little) phosphorous, chlorine and benzole compounds.

From the cleaning agents produced in Latvia as environment "friendly" we can reccommend the products of the company "Spodrība": "Kastanis" - for wool, silk, synthetic and coloured clothes, "Zilgme" - for dishes. These cleaning agents do not contain the dangerous phosphates and optical whiteners.

In Germany produced cleaning agents with the brand name "Frosch" are also reccommendable, because the stuff of this agents resolves biologically and satisfies the regulations of EC.

Very few of phosphates and other harmful staff there is also in the following cleaning agents: "LV" (Finland), "SA&Premium" (USA), "Neutral" (Denmark), "Formula" (Italy), "Mini Risk" (Finland), "Regent" (Denmark), "Bio Est" (Estonia), "Raduga Universal" (Russia), "Persil" (Poland, Slovnia).

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Please advice which in Latvia available environment friendly cleaning and disinfection agents are certified by the National Health Agency?

The environment friendly cleaning agents do not content chlorine, phosphor and benzole.

Following cleaning and disinfection agents are recommendable to use in rural tourism establishments, because they do not content the upper mentioned harmful stuff and have been certified by the National Health Agency. Please see the list of the certified, environment friendly cleaning and disinfection agents here.

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